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This is my second multiplayer game but the first of being showed online. It's a CarX drift racing online like. At the time there is 13 cars with all different physics. Hope you'll enjoy. 

P.S the solo mode isn't working I don't no why. I'll try to ifx that.

Update : Solo Mode is working !

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AuthorWaveRise Studios
Tagsdrift, drifting, Low-poly, Unity


Drift Legacy v1.2.zip 118 MB
Drift Legacy v1.1.zip 117 MB
Drift Legacy.zip 117 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract, play !


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Everything feels awesome, the game does feel a bit slow though. Maybe adding some cars in with more power could be cool but im not sure if thats what you want in this game. Very smooth overall, well made

Thank you so much I’m currently trying to remake it in unreal engine 5 for more graphics with less lag and for the cars yeah you’re right but drifting a Porshe for exemple would be awesome ! Currently the most powerful car is the CHARGER that goes up to 450 km/h :)

When will you upload the next update of this great game?

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

hahaha hum i’ll try update it :)

It's a very good game and it's better if you add more maps. But it's an excellent game

Thanks curently working on it :)


Game is absolutely amazing, more people need to download

Thanks I agree ;)

Feel free to say what works and what not

Very nice drift behavior. Really well made. Fun to drive.

Thanks ❤

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Takumi mode, yeah! I had a few laughs because of insider jokes like this. But seriously, your drift physics are just awesome. I would really like to know what Goosiest had to say about it. Speaking of this, am I the only one who had discovered your game? I think itch.io should feature it. Sorry for being so overly enthusiastic, I just had to write this.

Man thanks your comment is awesome maybe you have an email so I can tell you when there is an update. Thank you.